Ultimate Business & Startup Networking

For $99/month you can join unlimited focused and general online networking events with Startupz. And you will have access to dedicated meetings as well.

Key points:

  • You can join general meetings.
  • You can join industry focused meetings.
  • You can join up unlimited meetings each month.
  • We make easier for you to network.
  • We put you forward for networking.
  • We make introductions to anyone in the network if needed.
  • There will be a seat always available for you, even if the event is full.
  • $99/month recurring subscription.

How do to proceed ?

To join:
1- Please activate your subscription via Paypal
2- Please contact: mail@@@@startupz.org
2- You will receive access to a calendar that will be populated with events.
3- You can join unlimited number of events per month.